Cargo Gear Testing

A potential section of Marine Safety is the proper undertake of Cargo Gear Testing. In order to avoid future incidents of damages and injures it is essential to arrange a profesional test and by using technicians who can perform proper maintenance and providing solutions to any problem. Cargo handling equipment should be operationally tested with their specified maximum operational load and certified by Approved authorities every five years.

Cargo Gear Dynamic Load Testing of all kind of ship’s Derricks and Cranes up to 25 tons using state-of-the-art dynamometers and total water bags of up to 100 tons.


Testing of all kind of Deck cranes, Derricks, Mobile cranes and Shore based cranes, Lifting tackles, Grab buckets, Slings, shackles, Hooks, Chain pully blocks and all types of lifting equipments.


Complying with all relevant rules, ILO Convention and requirements of the IACS Classification Societies


Issuing of certificates