Lifeboat and Launching Appliances

We are providing worldwide services to Lifeboats and Launching Devised by high-skill expertised technicians approved by all IACS Members.

Annual and 5-yearly services of Lifeboats and Launching Appliances.
Maintenance and repair.
Suply of Lifeboats & Launching Appliances.
Spare Parts.


Davits & Winches
Gravity Luffing Arm Type Davit
Gravity Track Way Type Davit
Gravity Rolling Type Davit
Launching Appliance for Freefall Lifeboat & Rescue Boat
Platform Davit
Single Arm Slewing Boat & Raft Davit
Life Raft Launching Appliances
Electric Boat Winch
Air Boat Winch


Lifeboat Accessories
Release Hooks for Lifeboats (as per new regulation 1392)
Release Hooks for Launching Life Rafts
Release Hooks for Rescue Boat
Recovery Strap and Hanging of Pendants
Fall Preventive Device as per IMO 1327


Maintenance and repair.
Rigid & Inflatable Rescue Boat Servicing


Services for Annual and 5-yearly Inspections and Maintenance:
Issuance of Checklist and Inspection Certificate for verification and record of Ship-Owners and Class Surveyors.